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Concentrated Skin-healing Nordic Spruce Resin Salve (Hand made) {1}
Concentrated Skin-healing Nordic Spruce Resin Salve (Hand made) {1}

Concentrated Skin-healing Nordic Spruce Resin Salve (Hand made)

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Concentrated Skin-healing Nordic Spruce Resin Salve (Hand made)

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The healing and antibacterial properties of spruce resin have been used in the
Nordic countries for ages. The trees uses resin to heal and prevent wounds from
getting infected, so it's not surprising it works so well on us too.
The salve is all natural and organic (only 3 ingredients). It speeds up
healing of wounds (both small and large), prevents bacterial growth and can
even help healing of chronic wounds. This salve has an especially high
concentration of resin, giving it much better healing properties than the more
diluted ones.

It can be effectively used on most skin problems to improve healing and remove
itchiness, such as:
Insect bites
Dry hands and feet, cracked skin

Only 3 ingredients: Spruce resin (50%), Organic Canola oil and Beeswax, this
is a much higher percentage of resin than you find in most other resin salves.

It comes in two sizes, either 31 ml (1 fl oz) round jar or 106 ml (3.6 fl oz)
hexagonal jar. The salve is extremely lasting, you only need to use very little
and it won't go bad in many years.

The label on the jar is in Swedish but an English instruction letter is

This is my most popular product, and it takes a lot of work to make. I gather
the resin myself by spending many weeks in the forest, collecting only the
resin I find on the trees. Never wounding them to make them bleed.
The cooking process can take more than a whole day. The resin needs to be
cleaned from bark and needles, strained and then the beeswax needs to be added
just the right amount. Since the consistency of the resin varies on different
trees it's impossible to go by an exact recipe, therefore the process of
getting the right consistency takes a lot of time.

Except form using it on yourself it is also safe to use on cats, dogs, horses
and other animals as well as children and babies.

Some people (less than 5/100) can be sensitive to resin, if this is the case
for you or you are unsure. Try a little in the bend of your arm or armpit and
see if it gets red/swollen. I'm unable to take responsibility for any
(unlikely) damage this salve might cause you.
Brand: NordicWildwood
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