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Exodus Anointing Oil 2022 - Aromatherapy Goodness Blend {1}
Exodus Anointing Oil 2022 - Aromatherapy Goodness Blend {2}
Exodus Anointing Oil 2022 - Aromatherapy Goodness Blend {1}
Exodus Anointing Oil 2022 - Aromatherapy Goodness Blend {2}

Exodus Anointing Oil 2022 - Aromatherapy Goodness Blend

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Exodus Anointing Oil 2022 - Aromatherapy Goodness Blend

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Exodus Anointing Oil - Aromatherapy Goodness Blend


Exodus Anointing Oil is taken from the actual formula in the Bible (Exodus
30:23) - with a twist - so you can actually make use of it (more on that in a

This blend is composed of Ethiopian Myrrh, Indonesian Cassia, Nepalese
Calamus, and Sri Lankan Cinnamon is a sacred and powerful blend. The Biblical
measurements of shekels and hins were converted to modern day units and blended
exactly as specified in the original King James text.

NOTICE : As stated in the Bible this oil is only to be made by a perfumer -
but ironically - the original formula is only for ceremonial anointing by a
member of the clergy and not to be used on the body or you will have to face
the wrath of God! Please read Exodus 30:32. Due to this dire warning, I've made
some adjustments to the formula so that it can be safely used, minus the
hellfire and brimstone - while staying true to the original scent.

To it I have added my Phoenix Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla, Brazilian Tonka
Bean, and a dash of my Phoenix Frank Melange.
Traditionally, this blend requires the use of Olive Oil for Anointing.

In a word - it smells Holy ! Rich, Resinous, Spicy, Rooty, and Cathedral-like
(in the best possible way).

Small scale Artisan produced raw materials of superb quality and scent.

**Please note that this blend is concentrated; made up of essential oils only,
no carriers.

Rising Phoenix's Fir Blend is perfect for many aromatherapy, candle, or soap
blends. Use it as an Accord for your DIY perfumery needs. Or add a drop or two
to an aroma diffuser, apply to a cotton ball and hang near your bed, or apply
to a cotton ball or paper towel and place it in your drawers to keep your
cloths bug free and scented nicely. Add a few drops to a bottle massage oil.

++To make an Anointing Oil, mix 3mL of the Exodus Anointing Blend to 100mL of
Olive oil, shake and let set for a few days before use.

Sky is the limit!


There are many often misunderstood differences between Aromatherapy and
Perfumery are the end goals :

Aromatherapy = Functional
Perfumery = Smells Nice

Aromatherapy = Often short lived scent
Perfumery = Performance Longevity expectation

Aromatherapy = Often smelling medicinal and using materials usually not
prolifically used in Perfumery
Perfumery = Expensive materials often not used prolifically in Aromatherapy -
or not at all

Most Aromatherapists don't make great perfumers, as they think functionally
rather than about making "nice nice".

Perfumers, on the other hand - often don't think about making Aromatherapy as
there is usually poor longevity and aromatic performance.

Aromatherapy often uses commercial grade materials, and many Aromatherapy
products are questionably pure.

Perfumery often uses the top 1-3% of quality production natural materials.

**Specialty Artisan Perfumers, like myself, not only reach for the best and
make use of materials often not seen - but are often involved in the production
of tippy top grade materials to work with that are not available on any large
commercial scale.

There are more - but these are the most crucial differences.

--> I wanted turn Aromatherapy on it's head and produce some Aromatherapy
Goodness Blends produced from THE absolute BEST possible materials -
functionally made, with a Perfumer's touch.

And so here we are ... I'd like to introduce you to Rising Phoenix's
Aromatherapy Goodness Blends - made from some uncommon quality and materials,
and with a perfumer's touch.
Brand: RisingPhoenixPerfume
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