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First Aid Mud ~ Antimicrobial Salve in a grassfed beef tallow base {1}
First Aid Mud ~ Antimicrobial Salve in a grassfed beef tallow base {1}

First Aid Mud ~ Antimicrobial Salve in a grassfed beef tallow base

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First Aid Mud ~ Antimicrobial Salve in a grassfed beef tallow base

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Did you know that petroleum jelly is almost entirely restricted for cosmetic
use in the EU? The qualifications to use it are extremely stringent due to its
known association with carcinogenic compounds. Over 350 commonly used cosmetic
ingredients in the US and CA are entirely banned in the EU, and many other

So when we talk about antimicrobial salves in particular- which are used on
open wounds- this conversation deepens.

So rather than Neosporin, etc: a base of man-made goop with microscopic fungus
particles in suspension, we are taking an approach of not only including
antimicrobial compounds that have the potential to mitigate bacteria *and*
fungal and viral proliferation on the skin, but we are also building resilience
in the acid mantle of the skin, creating healthier terrain and offering the
skin some animal-based building blocks to repair itself.

Plant oils can’t saturate skin the way that animal cells can. And what better
way to heal broken skin than to both combat pathogens *and* support health of
underlying tissue.

When we combine that base with other targeted ingredients (each ingredient
here has a different form of mitigating antimicrobial activity) the benefits
can be exponential.

2 oz. of aesthetician-designed product for all skin types. Beef tallow is
being used to assist customers all over the world with chronic skincare
problems. I’m an aesthetician and former spa director for several exclusive
destination spas. My journey into skincare stemmed from my own difficulties to
remedy the way my chronic health conditions affected my skin, even after
spending a decade as a skincare professional.

An animal-based approach has healed me and I’m passionate about sharing this

The past several years I left the beauty industry and began working with
butchers and as a game skinner to harvest fat from domestic and wild game. In
2019 I moved to a beautiful part of the country (northwestern Maine) in order
to have access to local and ethical animal harvesting. I created a beef tallow
skincare line for the months that my bear tallow skincare line are unavailable
due to selling out.

I grew up in Northern Europe, and chose to focus the aesthetic of this brand
on a chocolate-reminiscent theme, as I have used cocoa butter in nearly all of
the products. Please contact me with any particular allergies or concerns; I’m
passionate about helping clients with their skin, and although I no longer run
spas or perform facial services, I’m still deeply motivated to help.
Brand: GreatNorthernTea
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