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Goddess Packs {1}
Goddess Packs {2}
Goddess Packs {3}
Goddess Packs {4}
Goddess Packs {5}
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Goddess Packs

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Goddess Packs

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Honour yourself or a divine feminine being you love with one of our delicious
Goddess packs!

Full of luscious handmade natural self-care goodies to help you feel like the
divine creature that you ARE!

Soo much natural Goddess goodness here..

Goddess Pack includes:
- Essence of Isis: anointing oil & sacred perfume.
- Sacred Yoni Womb Oil: for powerful & loving self-care ritual
- Golden Body Oil: wonderfully scented & super nourishing
- Rose Elixir Herbal Tea Blend: a delicious tea to soothe & uplift
- Rose Geranium Lip Balm: lush and nourishing
- A Lapis Lazuli tumble stone: for deeper connection to self and inner wisdom,
a Goddess stone.

Mini Goddess Pack includes:
- Essence of Isis; anointing oil & sacred perfume.
- Sacred Yoni Womb Oil; for powerful & loving self-care ritual
- Rose Elixir Herbal Tea Blend; a delicious tea to soothe & uplift

:: Essence of Isis ::
A sacred anointing oil and intoxicating, non-toxic perfume to invoke your
connection to your Divine Self and allow your inner Goddess to shine! Divinely
scented, Essence of Isis is based around the powerful magic and luscious scent
of blue lotus absolut oil and is dedicated to the Goddess Isis, a Divine
Feminine Ascended Master and spiritual guide for multidimensional empowerment.
Isis is often associated with the blue lotus, an ancient plant of Egypt that
has been used for thousands of years in sacred ceremony and temple ritual.

Blue Lotus oil is an amazing perfume but also has powerful effects for the
body, mind & spirit. It is soothing and relaxing but also uplifting and mood
enhancing. It helps to connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and
therefore invokes greater clarity, connection & insight, and so is very useful
in meditation, relaxation, ritual and sacred ceremony. It also promotes deep
sleep and vivid dreaming. Blended with other high frequency floral, citrus and
resin oils, and crystals of lapis lazuli and amethyst, Essence of Isis can be
used in many ways; as a perfume, anointing oil, for soothing stress & tension,
as an aid in meditation and to achieve higher states of consciousness, as an
aphrodisiac and as a tool to help you connect more deeply to your true self and
inner wisdom.

:: Sacred Yoni Womb Oil ::
This sacred yoni womb oil is a most beautiful tool to connect more deeply with
yourself and honour yourself for the powerful, creative, divine Goddess that
you are. Healing to the yoni and womb, this soothing oil moisturises and
lubricates, counteracting dryness and irritation, and helping to prevent flora
imbalance and in-grown hairs. It is also tonifying and relaxing to the womb
when used regularly over the lower abdomen, resulting in less painful periods &
a more regular cycle.
The oil itself is made with healing and balancing herbs
and oils, however the daily practice of consciously connecting with your yoni
and womb is both powerful and sacred, and daily use of this Sacred Yoni Womb
Oil to do so creates a beautiful and loving self-care ritual.

:: Golden Body Oil ::
A deliciously Golden & Super Nourishing body oil for dry skin that feels
amazing and smells wonderful. Containing omega, vitamin & antioxidant rich
skin-loving oils, combining the herbal powers of Calendula & Chamomile, and
gorgeously scented with pure essential oils of neroli, rose, lemon myrtle, rose
geranium & cardamom, this beautiful body oil can help renew and revive dry &/or
damaged skin. Deeply moisturising & nourishing, supports collagen production &
skin repair and soothes itchy dryness.

:: Rose Elixir - A Herbal Tea blend to Soothe & Uplift ::
A delicious rose coloured tonic that is calming, soothing & uplifting to the
mind & body. A great source of bioavailable vitamin C and antioxidants to
support healthy skin, circulation & immune function.

:: Rose Geranium Lush Lip Balm ::
All natural lushness for your lips. Made simply with absolutely no nasties.

Nourishes, protects, heals and softens the lips. Gently scented with rose

:: Lapis Lazuli Tumble Stone ::
A Goddess stone to help you connect more deeply with yourself and your inner
wisdom. When used consciously can help to increase intuition and empower your
senses. A healing crystal that synchronises mind, body & spirit, and one that
is connected to the Goddess Isis.
Brand: BentElemental
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