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joint salve / joint balm / joint health / herbal joint balm / herbal joint salve {1}
joint salve / joint balm / joint health / herbal joint balm / herbal joint salve {2}
joint salve / joint balm / joint health / herbal joint balm / herbal joint salve {1}
joint salve / joint balm / joint health / herbal joint balm / herbal joint salve {2}

joint salve / joint balm / joint health / herbal joint balm / herbal joint salve

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joint salve / joint balm / joint health / herbal joint balm / herbal joint salve

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This balm was formulated for joint health and to assist in the relief of joint
pain from injury or overuse. I cannot say if this salve will ease arthritic
joints, as arthritis is a chronic, systemic condition with a foundation in
mineral deficiency, toxin overload and emotional trauma, but feel free to try
it if you are inclined. Each ingredient was added for specific
reasons....solomon's to assist in synovial fluid production, arnica & white
willow bark to assist in decreasing pain, comfrey for regeneration, ginger &
pine resin to support and boost the healing compounds and work in symbiosis of
the other plant material. Tallow is always added to boost absorption! I have
had success using this on my knee when I 'overdid it' recently, it helped ease
the swelling and pain a great deal. This is one of my favorite balms I make,
and I plan to never be without it.

I make all my balms as strong as possible, using my own trial and error
methods to extract the most from every plant. There are no weak tinctures or
balms in my shop. I have fewer products because I put a great deal of time &
effort into each product, and tend to make products from plants that are
locally abundant. Nothing here is mass produced for the sole reason of making a
profit. All plant material is clean sourced.

My humble opinion: if you have chronic joint pain, look into a diet free of
industrialization: avoid polyunsaturated fats, soy, gmo's, grains, cruciferous
& leafy greens (the 'calcium' in these is not absorbed by the body), processed
food, and fake fats. Instead, eat ancestrally: grass fed meat (with collagen,
always eat meat w/collagen!), eggs, raw milk, root vegetables, raw carrot
salad, and hydrolyzed collagen or gelatin powders (eat lots of this!). Match
your movement/exercise with your health....meaning don't work out hard unless
your body is fit and in balance. Working out hard when you are compromised is a
recipe for injury. You don't need to 'earn' calories, you burn calories just by
existing! Most people in chronic conditions are told to exercise and they take
that to mean hardcore movement. A simple walk, a round of crunches, or
stretching is more than enough IMO. Saying this as I've learned the hard way:}

Made with locally sourced plants from safe/clean areas, my oil infusions go
through different processes to extract as much of the chemical compounds as
Made 10/11/21

Please note that shipping has gone up, and depending on where the item ships,
it's not going to be cheaper until you order 3, often 4 tinctures at a time. I
often lose money on combining 2 tincture bottles! The refund will show up after
you get a shipping notice. I ship within 48 hours of receiving payment, often
same day. I often re-use shipping materials (boxes, mailers), it helps me keep
costs down.

WHY I DON'T USE ESSENTIAL OILS: Essential oils are highly concentrated
volatile oils, which can be overtaxing to the body. I try to stick to
ingredients that occur organically in nature (avocado oil being the
exception....maybe someday I'll switch to all tallow:}). Is the body is meant
to ingest 500 leaves of one plant? Doesn't seem likely... People have been
using a few leaves/roots of plants for thousands of years, never in history did
people need to seek out such large amount of plant material to assist in
healing. This is a 'scarcity mindset' that is reflective of our 'never enough'
culture. Trust plants, trust nature! A normal amount of leaves are enough, and
will not stress your system out. It's also unsustainable, as it takes so much
plant material to make one small ounce of 'oil'. I don't think you are bad if
you use them, this is just my truth among billions of people, with billions of
different realities....but that is why I don't use them or care much about
them. (In massage school, I did see numerous people feel nauseous after
receiving the 'raindrop technique' with essential oils (dripping copious
amounts of oils on the spine), it wasn't pretty!)

ARE MY PRODUCTS SEALED?: Guess who will come in contact with your product? Me,
you and the post office. So if the post office opens your box, unwraps your
product, then you can assume your product has been 'tampered with', and I hope
at that point you'll be sensible enough to not take it. I 'seal' your product
with bubble wrap and packing tape....it's a real grandiose kind of seal, unlike
the cheap, flimsy little plastic, perforated strip that big shot manufacturers
use:} Maybe you are asking yourself why I'm even saying any of this? Because
out of the hundreds of orders I've shipped, ONE PERSON complained that my
products were not factory sealed. So now I feel compelled to explain how silly
the world is by comparing a one person company to million dollar manufacturing
companies, how social conditioning programs us to think the little plastic,
perforated seal is the only way anything can be valid or 'safe' (who needs
common sense when we have pieces of plastic to protect us??? and who are these
evil people putting god knows what into herbal products? Are they the same
people who put needles in the Halloween candy back in the 80's??), and how I
really don't want to live in that kind of world, where we have to default to
'authorities' and their plastic seals in order to exist. End rant:} Oh, and I
also fill bottles from larger bottles as ordered, I don't keep product sitting
in small bottles for large amounts of time because I can't keep my stock as
fresh that way and it has the potential to waste bottles, which aren't exactly
cheap! Now end rant....

I DON'T USE GRAIN OR CANE MENSTRUUM because like essential oils, this is an
extreme substance and I cannot believe it's good for the body, even in small
amounts. In it's original state it can be LIT ON FIRE and can kill you if
ingested....no thanks!! I use 100 pf menstruum because it's in the exact ratio
needed to safely and effectively extract chemical compounds from plants (thank
you April Graham for letting people know this!).

the end product is the same for organic/non organic. While I do agree organic
practices are far better for the planet, health wise, organic menstruum is the
same as non organic menstruum (in other words there is no glyphosate after
distillation, or such a tiny amount that it's nothing compared to what most of
us eat on a daily basis). Wine and beer are a little different, as they are not
distilled like menstruum or other hard menstruums.

ALL OTHER INGREDIENTS ARE ORGANIC, wild harvested from remote areas, etc.
Plants I can't find are usually purchased from Mountain Rose, Starwest
Botanicals or other Etsy shops. I use oils from Soaper's Choice (always organic
if available). Water in double extractions is raw spring water sourced locally.

HOW TO NAVIGATE BUYING TINCTURES ONLINE: Sellers should be transparent, and
you should always be able to ask questions like: how old is this product I am
buying? What is the ratio of plant material to alcohol? (in the herbal world,
1:2 for fresh plant material (fresh is strongest and best for tinctures
involving leaves/flowers, dried is just as good for berries/roots and are
usually done at 1:5, otherwise tinctures can be too strong and overwhelm the
system, or too weak). So a 1:3 tincture is not as strong as a 1:2, but some
plants are very strong and a little less potency is best (like chamomile). A
fresh plant tincture at 1:2 is the strongest yet safest for most plants, I
recommend you aim for those.

HERBAL PRODUCTS DO NOT CURE ANYTHING (neither do prescription drugs:})...
They assist the body, to help find balance again (prescription drugs 'mask
symptoms'). Let me be honest with you....I had Lyme and did the Buhner protocol
for 2 years, it didn't get rid of my Lyme. The herbs helped with symptoms, but
it was regular DETOXING, FIXING DIGESTION, & HEALING TRAUMA that eliminated
Lyme flareups. I continue to take herbals today to enhance my health, instead
of taking them for fear of being sick. When deciding anything, ask yourself if
you are doing something 'for' a cause, or 'against' a cause. Take chaga
tincture because you love the phytochemicals in it, because those will help
your body stay in balance....do not take chaga tincture because you are
terrified of getting cancer and you heard it prevents it. A fear mindset only
creates more fearful situations! I have wasted thousands of dollars buying all
kinds of tinctures out of fear, I'd hate for others to go through the same. My
favorite health resources include: Emotional Trauma- #1 hands down best is Teal
Swan (free videos on youtube, she puts all modern day therapists to absolute
shame IMO:}), Proper health/nutrition- coastalrebelwellness & wildlyonswellness
on Instagram (learn how to eat!), look up parasite cleanses, coffee enemas,
magnesium bicarbonate, Dr Zach Bush has great free webinars on health topics.
Most importantly, always choose from a place of 'feeling good' and not from

I DON'T GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE. I enjoy foraging, creating, concocting....I am
only here to offer products. I am only an herbalist to myself, and have no
desire to tell other people what to do with their bodies. Anything I suggest is
merely a guess based off my personal experience and what you choose to do with
suggestions is your choice/responsibility. I believe we all need to listen to
our bodies, do our own research (the internet makes this REALLY easy!), consult
with people we trust, and figure things out ourselves. Only YOU know what is
good for you, and your body will happily tell you if you listen. This includes
dosing....if you don't know, then start with literally one drop and go from
there while listening to your body (how does it feel after one drop?). Same
with children, believe them when they say how they feel, when they tell you
what they think they need....their bodies have just as much wisdom as adult
bodies! One tip when using herbs is to know your body's current constitution.
Does something feel overly dry or too damp? Stagnant or overflowing? Hot or
cold (or both!)? Then find herbs that will counter the excess energetics you
are feeling. Just like how people use caffeine because they feel sluggish. I
try to list the energetics of all the plant products I sell.

please contact me and I'll try to help correct any wrongs.

Under FDA law in the United States it is illegal for a manufacturer to make
any medical claims for health supplements. None of the products offered for
sale on my Etsy shop website are intended to be used in the treatment or
mitigation of any disease state. All statements made by aforagerscollective are
intended for informational purposes only. The statements made here have not
been evaluated by the FDA. My products are not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure or prevent any disease. As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you
should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. If you
are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your health
care practitioner prior to using any health supplement product.

By bidding on this product, the buyer agrees that neither the seller nor Etsy
will be held responsible in any way for any damages or injuries brought about
by the use of this product. The buyer also affirms that he or she is at least
21 years of age, and has the knowledge, experience and tools to safely handle
this material. The buyer agrees to conform to all federal, state, municipal,
provincial, or territorial laws. Buyer also agrees to indemnify and hold
harmless the seller to any and all claims, liabilities, or causes of legal
Brand: aforagerscollective
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