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Nihara - Essential Oil Diffuser {1}
Nihara - Essential Oil Diffuser {1}

Nihara - Essential Oil Diffuser

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Nihara - Essential Oil Diffuser

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Nihara Features and Description

The Nihara essential oil diffuser is the perfect size to contribute to a
room’s decor without being too flashy or taking away from other elements. It
has a sleek white glass cover and bamboo base that gives it a natural look.
This unit also functions as a lamp and has a Breathing light mode that is
incredibly soothing to watch.

Nihara’s cover is handcrafted from opal glass, which is incredibly durable
while also giving the diffuser a premium look and smooth feel. The base is
carved from natural bamboo and has a lovely wood grain pattern. This aroma
diffuser is free of any bisphenol A (BPA) and has CE and Restriction of
Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) certification.

How it Works
This aromatherapy diffuser has various mist settings so you can customize your
experience. You can choose an Intermittent (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) or
Continuous mist as well as selecting from four timer settings. The lamp
function also allows you to choose the intensity of the light. You can make it
Low, High, or set it to Breathing mode, which gently increases and decreases
intensity. This unit also has a convenient sleep timer for the light, which
will turn the lamp off after 30 minutes.
How It Works

Nihara is an ultrasonic diffuser, meaning that it uses a small ceramic disk
(atomizer) to vaporize water and essential oil molecules using vibration. This
also creates negative ions, which help to purify your air even if you use the
unit as a humidifier without any added oils. A vent at the top of the unit
allows a stream of mist to escape and releases the water vapor and oil
particles into your air. Since ultrasonic diffusion does not use heat, it is
safer and easier than other methods such as using an essential oil burner.

Diffusing oils for a long period of time can lead to overexposure. As a
result, we recommend only using Ananda for a few hours at a time.

This ultrasonic aroma diffuser is intended for indoor use only.

Always place the diffuser on a flat, firm surface and keep it out of reach of
children or pets.

Make sure not to place anything on top of Ananda and do not insert any objects
into the opening. Never put Ananda in any liquid or touch the unit with wet
hands. If Ananda falls into water, remove power immediately and do not touch
it. You should also stop use if there is damage to any part of the diffuser or
if you notice an unusual sound/smell. Do not attempt to repair or replace any
part of this essential oil diffuser.

Keep the cord and the diffuser away from heat or any combustible materials.

Only use high-quality, natural essential oils in your Ananda diffuser.
Synthetic fragrance oils or perfumes can damage the system or be dangerous for
your health when diffused.
Brand: PyurvanaOils
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