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Nourishing & Moisturing Hair Butter - Dry Climate Friendly {1}
Nourishing & Moisturing Hair Butter - Dry Climate Friendly {2}
Nourishing & Moisturing Hair Butter - Dry Climate Friendly {1}
Nourishing & Moisturing Hair Butter - Dry Climate Friendly {2}

Nourishing & Moisturing Hair Butter - Dry Climate Friendly

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Nourishing & Moisturing Hair Butter - Dry Climate Friendly

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Are you looking for a hair care product that'll provide moisture retention
during the dry climate season? Your hair will love this!

Prayers along with plenty of research and experimentation, this luxurious
blend of healthy fats, carrier oils and essential oils, Glammerish Hair Care
products were born. So thanks to our heavenly Father, these products are
moisture-promoting, hydration-promoting, conditioning, strengthening, and
protective. They promotes hair growth via super-food nourishment and moisture
retention. Ingredients are rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, copper, zinc,
potassium, omega fatty-acids, antioxidants via a wonderful hair enhancing,
ayurvedic composition.

With a buttery, silky consistency, it is recommended for curly, wavy, coily
and kinky hair, however, it is also good for skin. It does not clog hair
follicles, scalp or skin.

To accommodate a good winter (or dry climate) hair care routine, this hair
butter is formulated without humectants; i.e. glycerin, raw honey or hyaluronic
acid. Humectants draw moisture away from our hair and skin in cold and dry
climates, thus, they should be avoided in conditions or during seasons where it
gets cold (below 50 degrees or below) or wherever the climate is dry all year

Directions: To seal moisture in your hair cuticles on wash day, use this hair
butter after an application of a leave-in conditioner. Rub this hair butter on
your fingertips or your hands before applying it to your cleansed, conditioned
and wet hair. Take a little time to massage (very important step) hair butter
gently onto your scalp, hair shaft and ends. Style hair as desired. In between
wash days, use this butter on damp or steamed hair as often as necessary to
maintain moisture and curl definition.

Tips and Useful Advice: Wear a silk or satin bonnet to bed and/ or use a silk
or satin pillowcase to protect hair from moisture loss, frizz, breakage and
split ends. Avoid using or have thinning shears used on your gorgeous tresses.
They creates less volume, density, and weight which causes tangly, knotty ends.
Your curls will end up formless and weightless with less stability.

Additional Value: A little bit goes a long way. This product does not contain
silicones or any other synthetic components, preservatives, or coloring.

Non-GMO, *Organic Ingredients: Karkar Oil, Babassu OIl, Broccoli Seed Oil*,
Jojoba Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Chebe Powder, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Avocado Oil,
Baobab Oil*, Macadamia Nut Oil*, Argan Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Papaya Seed Oil*,
Shea Nut Oil, Amla Oil*, Meadowfoam Oil*, Tamanu Oil*, Emu Oil, DHA/EPA Oil,
*Sesame Seed Oil, Batana Oil, Pequi Oil, Marula Oil*, Horsetail Oil, *Essential
Oil Blend (incld: Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Cedarwood)

Why Batana Oil? Encourages hair growth; Repairs damaged hair; Reverses hair
loss; Natural dye for gray and white hairs; Shinier hair. 90% of batana oil's
nutritional content is made up of oleic and linoleic acid. This, combined with
the fatty acids, penetrates the hair shafts and roots and nourishes it,
restoring its optimum health and boosting hair growth.

Why Pequi Oil? Pequi Oil is highly emollient and is a rich source of essential
fatty acids, making it a powerful moisturizer and conditioner that decreases
frizz and restores the vitality of brittle hair.

Why Horsetail Oil?: Horsetail plant oil is an extract oil containing silicon
(not silicone), which is thought to improve hair growth speed, strength and
generate new hair growth along with potentially reducing dandruff and boosting
scalp circulation. Some scientific studies indicate horsetail may promote
healthy hair based on it's silicon content and its impact on collagen.

Why Chébé powder? Chébé powder is a natural treatment that's been used for
centuries by the Chadeans to help support healthy hair. This powder is a blend
of indigenous herbs named for its main ingredient, the croton gratissimus
grain, which is called "chébé" in Chad. The women of the nomadic tribes of
Chad, famously have long, healthy hair. The chébé grains are first roasted and
then powdered. On its own, the scent has an exotically burnt-like odor but
after combining it with essential oils, the finished product is balanced and
quite pleasing to sense of smell. Thanks to Chebe powder's powerfully
health-boosting qualities, your hair will become healthier which will give you
thicker natural hair after consistent continuous use of this growth-boosting
experience. It conditions and strengthens your hair and helps your hair lock in
vitamins, minerals and moisture.

6 oz

Legal Disclaimer

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to
treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any diseases or conditions. If you are
suffering from any disease, illness, or injury, ongoing hair and scalp issues,
it is your responsibility to consult with your physician.
Brand: Glammerish
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