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Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {1}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {2}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {3}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {4}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {5}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {6}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {7}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {8}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {1}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {2}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {3}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {4}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {5}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {6}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {7}
Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar {8}

Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar

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Roots 4C Hair Butter 8oz. Jar

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JAR)******* This 4c hair butter contains some of the best all natural
ingredients. This A-M-A-Z-I-N-G blend, infused with African Shea Butter, Mango
Butter, Olive oil, Castor oil, Peppermint essential oil and pure lanolin, helps
moisturize while creating soft, touchable curls and twists for kinky coils
course hair. All of the ingredients help promote hair growth by moisturizing
the hair from deep within and sealing that moisture in with a protective layer.
These ingredients were carefully mixed to provide your hair with the right
amount of moisture and deep treatment. This 4c hair butta combines the best
natural oils and essential oils that are the most beneficial for your hair
growth as well as providing your scalp the proper levels of moisture needed to
reduce scalp irritation and flakiness. This butter will provide your hair with
a super hydrating, silky soft feeling. It's time to say goodbye to build-up &
hello to healthy, gorgeous hair!
Also known as 'wool grease', this is the rawest form of lanolin. It has been
cleaned, but is not classified as pharmaceutical grade
Darker in colour
Less refined
Mild odor Pure lanolin sourced entirely from New Zealand wool
No perfumes or artificial scents added
New Zealand lanolin is rich in Vitamin D3
Similar to substances found in humans skin it acts as an excellent emollient
acting to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin whilst also functioning as an
occlusive to help prevent moisture loss though the epidermis
High in alpha hydroxy acids, which are commonly touted as having anti-aging
and wrinkle reducing properties
Lanolin has a multitude of uses including, but not limited to:

While lanolin cream is used widely in beauty regimens, it is also well known
for use on skin that is cracked or extremely dry. People who suffer from
calloused heels and hands can benefit from this cream, as it helps the skin to
retain its natural moisture in addition to the moisture contained within the
Lanolin cream is also popular with people who have reoccurring skin conditions
that cause scaling and itching skin, as the moisturizing properties of this
cream ease the itching, while making the skin softer. Skin that is dry,
cracked, and bleeding from extreme weather conditions can also benefit from
lanolin cream, as the moisture barrier it creates keeps the skin from
repeatedly cracking and helps to seal in moisture. Lanolin is a very greasy
material produced by the sebaceous glands of sheep. It acts as an excellent
moisturizer for skin and hair and also functions as an effective water barrier.
A byproduct of wool-gathering and refining, it is easily obtained and is a
renewable resource. For this reason, lanolin has been used as an emollient in
hand and body creams and hair products for many centuries. Many consider animal
oils to be more compatible with human skin and hair than vegetable or mineral
Lanolin is a mixture of fatty acids, wax esters, and a complex mixture of
other organic compounds. It is classified as a wax (as opposed to an oil or
fat), and is a solid at room temperature (melting point: 100-107°F). In its
natural state, lanolin contains about 25-30% water by weight. When applied to
skin or hair, it is very effective at penetrating the surface and enhancing
moisture retention. Lanolin is also beneficial because it continues to absorb
moisture from the air, and can thus act as a humectant for the skin or hair.
Lanolin is sometimes considered to be too thick and greasy to be used
liberally on curly hair, as it can really weigh down the curls and create
frizz, but this is really dependent upon the degree of curl. A person with wavy
hair or only slightly curly hair may find it to be too much for them, while a
person with extremely curly hair would find it very beneficial to their hair.
Its unique and complex chemical composition should make it very easily removed
from the hair with a gentle shampoo or conditioner wash. In summary, lanolin is
an excellent conditioning agent for both skin and hair, but consideration of
hair type should be used when selecting products for hair. As a deep
conditioning agent, used infrequently, probably all curly-haired people would
benefit from a product containing lanolin (in the wax form). People with
extremely curly hair (such as those with 3c, and the 4’s) can most likely use
lanolin-containing products in their regular regime and enjoy soft, smooth hair
without losing curl or gaining frizz. Those with wavy or slightly curly hair
(such as 2a, 2b, 3a, and 3b type) may find products containing lanolin oil to
have excellent performance. But they may not be able to routinely use products
containing significant amounts of lanolin wax because they may be too heavy.
Tremendous care is put into the formulation, production, and packaging of
your product. Our process honors the plants, the customer, and the research and
wisdom of those who came before us. I imbue love and energy into each product
through meditation for the healing of the individual. Your products are truly
Made for You.

All products are handcrafted fresh to order and customizable. You deserve the
freshest and most effective natural wellness and personal care products on the
planet. You deserve Botanical Therapy. NOTE: If this butter is transported or
stored in a very warm environment (76 Degrees F or higher) it WILL melt. This
will not change the effectiveness of the butter, it will, however, cause the
oils to separate and will lose it's whipped butter consistency. NOTE: Color
varies slightly from photo to a darker or lighter shade of yellow. This butter
does not spoil, but some of its benefits decrease after 18 months. Not suitable
for A type hair. African Americans Hair types (type C) only!!!! ********Attn:
Happy Being Nappy LLC Products contains food products, herbs, flowers and
essential oils, if you are allergic to these ingredients please discontinue.
Please read all the labelled ingredients before use and always do a 48-hour
skin patch test to test for possible allergies. Do a small section of hair test
for 48 hours to test for possible allergies.

Disclaimer: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding please ask your
Doctor/Physician if it’s okay to use this product. The above statements have
not been evaluated by the FDA.
This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to
treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended
to prescribe in any way. Please consult your Doctor or healthcare provider for
health-related advice. Do not use essential oils on children. Warnings: When
using this product avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes
thoroughly with water.
Discontinue use if rash, redness, allergies or itching occurs.
Brand: Happybeingnappy
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