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Sport 2 | Healing Pad {1}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {2}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {3}
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Sport 2 | Healing Pad {1}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {2}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {3}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {4}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {5}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {6}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {7}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {8}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {9}
Sport 2 | Healing Pad {10}

Sport 2 | Healing Pad

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Sport 2 | Healing Pad

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A Healing Pad is a quilted cotton pad or compress filled with herbal medicines
that can be placed in the microwave or freezer and then applied to the part of
the body that is in need of healing. The Healing Pad allows you to apply a
compress of medicinal herbs for either hot or cold therapy. It is a richly
soothing, deep penetrating therapy that stimulates a range of senses. After
using the Healing Pad you will feel both energized and relieved due to the
medicinal herbs contained within the Healing Pad.

We strongly recommend that you also purchase an Accessory Kit for your Healing
Pad. The thermal bag included in our Accessory Kits will help you keep the
Healing Pad fresh when not in use, or use the thermal bag to hold the
temperature of your Healing Pad. The Accessory Kits also comes with a
belt/strap of your choice, so that you can wear the Healing Pad.

The unique design of the Healing Pad that uses triangular tubes which allow
you to roll the pad up into a pillow shape and place it behind your head or
place it in the lumbar area and it will contour to the shape of your body. The
Healing Pad can be rolled with the triangle-textured side or the smooth side
facing out for different effects. The uniquely designed triangular tubes can be
aligned to apply pressure to acupressure points to alleviate a host of health

The medicinal herbs not only provide the numerous benefits listed below, they
also have aromatic properties. The medicinal herbs aromatic properties help
with stress, nasal congestion, muscle fatigue, sinus pressure, and headaches.
Consider placing a Healing Pad next to you pillow to alleviate the symptoms of
the common cold.
Sport II | Healing Pad

Dimensions: 8” x 6.5” X 1.5”
Number of Triangular Tubes: 6
Accessory Connection Ports: 2

The new design of the Sport II | Healing Pad includes larger 1.5" tubes. This
pad is lighter in weight than the Original | Healing Pad so that it can more
easily be taken on the go. It is ideal for wrapping large joints such as knees
and elbows. It can be rolled up into a pillow shape. It has two accessory
connection ports.
Key Benefits

The Healing Pad is based on ancient Thai herbal medicine that dates back more
that 900 years where practitioners used their knowledge of the medicinal
properties of herbs to:

- Reduce inflammation,
- Increase blood flow,
- Decrease arthritic pain,
- Revitalize tired muscles,
- Reduce swelling,
- Strengthen the immune system,
- Release endorphins which reduce inflammation caused by osteoarthritis,
- Relieve aching associated with neurological disorders such as fibromyalgia,
- Serve as an analgesic (pain relief),
- Serve as an antiseptic (anti-microbial),
- Relieve joint pain, and
- Provide many other health benefits.

“Healing Pads are handmade using only the highest quality roots and herbs.’
Types of Medicinal Herbs Used

The herbs used in the Healing Pad include a variety of herbs and roots
selected for their medicinal healing properties to promote wellness. Whenever
possible the ingredients are purchased from local Asian grocery stores or are
grown by the Healing Pad producers themselves.
Artistic Look

Each Healing Pad consists of multiple in-line triangular tubes, and three
distinct fabric textures (two on the front and one on the back), which gives
them their artistic look. The Healing Pad’s triangular shape of its tubes and
its use of multiple fabric textures where both inspired by the triangle pillows
of Thailand.
Brand: HerbalTranquilityLLC
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