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Vitali-Chi Boost Self Select Frequencies (Box of 10) {1}
Vitali-Chi Boost Self Select Frequencies (Box of 10) {1}

Vitali-Chi Boost Self Select Frequencies (Box of 10)

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Vitali-Chi Boost Self Select Frequencies (Box of 10)

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These frequencies may be made from a combination of flower essences, gems,
crystals, colours, elements, herbs, vitamins, minerals or tissue salts. The
frequency of each ingredient has been captured and added to distilled water.
They are to be used with Vitali-Chi Boost only and are not to be taken
internally. Add 2 drops from each frequency bottle in your Wellbeing Box Set/s
and place into the Boost bottle with water. For best results we recommend using
Vitali-Chi Boost for 40 – 60 minutes daily. Longer periods of time or more
frequent use will not harm but water must be drunk before and after each
treatment to help release toxins from your body.
Please Note: On occasions you may notice a physical or emotional detox. This
may be felt as temporary feelings of fatigue, energy loss or sadness due to you
letting go of past or current panic, paranoia, anger, resentment, remorse or
distress or other internally held negative emotions. A release is a perfectly
normal part of letting go and any feelings will subside with continued regular
use of Vitali-Chi Boost. Should you feel uncomfortable due to a too rapid
release, then postpone sessions for a day or two.
Do not use: Vitali-Chi Boost if you are pregnant, wear a Pace Maker or suffer
from Epilepsy. However, you may use Vitali-Chi without the Booster as a less
stimulating alternative.
This method of healing is not to be used in place of or postponement of
traditional medical treatment, so if in doubt please see your Doctor.
In accordance with Article 1 of Council Directive 2001/83/EEC and Regulation 2
of the Human Medicines Regulations these frequencies are NOT medicines. They
are NOT “Any substance or combination of substances presented as having
properties for treating or preventing disease in human beings”
Nor are they: “Any substance or combination of substances which may be used in
or administered to human beings either with a view to restoring, correcting or
modifying physiological functions by exerting a pharmacological, immunological
or metabolic action, or to making a medical diagnosis.”
The following 'self select' boxes are only available to Qualified Vitali-Chi

Box Set – Wellbeing
Wellbeing Tonic – Immune Defense
Wellbeing Tonic – Digest-E-Zyme
Wellbeing Tonic – Stress Buster
Wellbeing Tonic – Super Pick-Me-Up
Wellbeing Tonic – Super Calm
Wellbeing Tonic – Super-Eze
Wellbeing Tonic – Allerg-Eze
Wellbeing Tonic – Super Detox
Wellbeing Tonic – Weight Less
Wellbeing Tonic – Traum-Eze

Box Set – Self Esteem
Zen – Peace Within
Zen – Successful
Zest – Proactive
Self Esteem – Assertive
Self Esteem – Beaten Down
Self Esteem – Self Worth
Self Esteem – Inadequacy
Self Esteem – Uncomfortable Conversations
Self Esteem – People Pleaser
Self Esteem – Raising Self Esteem

Box Set – Success
Zest – Proactive
Zest – Focus
Zest – Achievements
Zest – Pressured
Zest – Successful
Spiritual Lessons – Authentic
Zest – Limitless
Spiritual Lessons – Disciplined
Spiritual Lessons – Responsible
Zen – Tolerant

Box Set – Spiritual Development
Spiritual Matters – Crystal Clear
Wellbeing Tonic – Personal Power
Zen – Non-Judgemental
Zest – Intuitive
Spiritual Matters – Advanced Soul
Raising Consciousness – Star Seed
Consciousness – Super Psychic
Rebirth – Vision
Zest – Dualism Breakthrough
Zest – Euphoric

Box Set – Wounds
Relationships – Violent
Zero Flaws – Re-Invented
Zero Tolerance – Vindictive Behaviour
Relationships - Betrayed
Zero Tolerance – Abuse
Zero Flaws - Decisive
Zen – Loving the Self
Self Esteem – Self Worth
Zen – Starting A New
Zero Flaws – Whole

Box Set – Relationship Fears
Relationships – Compatible
Emotional – Fears & Phobias
Zen – Relinquishing Ego
Zen – Unconventional
Relationships – Rigidity
Zest - Achievements
Zen – Starting Anew
Self Esteem – Insecure
Self Esteem – Raising Self Esteem
Spiritual Lessons – Surrendering to Life’s Plan

Box Set – Relationship Recovery
Relationships – Broken Down
Relationships – Destructive Behaviour
Relationships – Disconnected
Relationships – Directionless
Relationships – Unwise Attachments
Transformation of Super Ego
Relationships - Resolve
Zen - Consistent
Esteem – Uncomfortable Conversations
Patterns of Behaviour – Boundaries & Consequences

Box Set – Relationships Ending
Relationships – Violent
Relationships – Disconnected
Relationships – Relentless Behaviour
Relationships – Bullied & Intimidated
Relationships – Conflicting Decisions
Relationships - Destroyed
Relationships – Toxic
Self Esteem – Lost Confidence
Zest – Completion
Wounds – Grief

Box Set - Relationship Independence
Relationships – Devoted
Self Esteem – People Pleaser
Spiritual Lessons – Cause & Effect
Wounds – Grief
Wounds – Worthless
Zen – Consistent
Spiritual Lessons – Courage
Patterns of Behaviour – Co-Dependent
Personal Growth – Changing Ways
Personal Growth – Self Reliance

Box Set - Intuitive
Zest - Euphoric
Zen - Grace
Spiritual Matters – Spiritual Bravado
Zero Flaws - Decisive
Emotional – Mastering Emotions
Relationships - Secure
Spiritual Matters – Crystal Clear
Spiritual Lessons – Spiritual Guidance
Zest - Intuitive
Zen - Instinctual

Box Set – Authentic
Zero Flaws – Whole
Zest - Euphoric
Zest - Proactive
Zero Flaws – Co-operative
Rebirth - Vision
Toxicity - Relationships
Zero Flaws - Unphased
Spiritual Matters - Awareness
Spiritual Matters – Born Free
Spiritual Matters - Miracles

Box Set – Law of Attraction
Emotional – Mastering Emotions
Emotional – Extreme Mental Anguish
Zen – Freedom from Worry
Zest - Limitless
Spiritual Matters - Abundance
Spiritual Matters – Poised Demeanour
Zest - Independent
Zest – Energy Rebound
Spiritual Lessons - Responsible
Spiritual Evolution – Law of Attraction

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